To deliver good customer service that exceeds the customer expectations by providing on time pick up and delivery, innovative transportation solutions, error free handling and accountability of customer property and solid customer relationship that create flexibility and trust for the customers and continuing business opportunities for the company.

Our Objective

  • Fast Delivery
  • Safety
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our Commitment

We are committed to be the leading logistic solutions provider to our customers. Hence we’re consistently improving & implementing quality management necessities & services.

Joshua C. Philips, President
Western Values


To be one of the most admired companies because of our commitments to customers and business partners as a customer focused and quality driven company.

Our Motto

People • Partnership • Performance


The founder and President of western values shipping and logistics who is based in Atlanta GA, United States is an entrepreneur whose managerial skills emerged when he was just twelve years old. Inputing of these skills has yielded him great experiences over the years which has morphed him into a poised visionary entrepreneur with foresight and unmatched decision making, management and goal driven abilities that has led him to success for years.

Mr Joshua C. Philips also has a positive reputation built upon good business ethics, an efficient team player, a philanthropist and pragmatic approach to businesses.

Mr Philips is famously known for his quote which states that “Everyman is a goldmine to himself and instead of letting others exploit him he should exploit himself”.